Happy Days Folding Post and Fence Clotheslines.

  • Kits include cutters to CUSTOMISE your cable length & 316 stainless steel brackets, 316 stainless steel cables, 316 SS terminals and fasteners supplied.
  • Each cable length is max 3600mm (between brackets) perfect for sturdy fences.
  • 2 x 200mm brackets (minimum 90mm posts for 2 fixing points).
  • Protrusion from a front post mount – 600mm (6 lines).
  • First cable is 100mm out from mounting point.
  • Swageless DIY terminals allow for adjustable cables to achieve a perfect fit.
  • Choose either standard 316 stainless or Duplex cables (superior anti-corrosion) within 1km of harsh salty zones.

Duplex Wire Option:
Recommended if you live within 1km of a salty environment. Best on the market!