When you run a small business reading your fb posts is a bit like going to the dentist- the feelings loom “Will I get through unscathed or have to endure some necessary pain?” Knowing that you make a ripping product does alleviate the dread a fair bit.

Well, I’d have to say that people’s opinions are diverse, interesting & sometimes based on utter fear. One such comment sticks in my mind, “They cost the Earth!” and just like a little bush rat up a stainless steel drainpipe I replied “You really need to pay decent money for quality stainless steel!” Stylish, Australian handmade folding clotheslines come at a price people.

You know what? That person was inadvertently right- the crappy clotheslines available in today’s marketplace ARE costing the Earth with bulk manufacturing v customised designs, carbon v’s oxygen, short-lived plastics v’s long-living steel, recycled packaging v’s heavy print based plastic filled boxes. The list goes on and on.
I thank that person and their posted opinion because I spruik the alternative everyday when I congratulate every Coastal Clothesline client on their informed, environmentally based and sustainable purchases.
Don’t let your next clothesline cost the Earth! Enough said.