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Installation Guides

Your easy-­to-­install stainless steel clothesline kit arrives with all the necessary bolts and screws to get you started.  You’ll just need the tools.

Please take the time to check out our installation videos for our stainless steel clotheslines and download the installation guides below:

Fixing to Masonry, Brick or Concrete
Fixing to Stud Walls
Stainless Steel Clothesline - Fixing to Steel - Instructional Installation Video

Coastal Clotheslines can be installed under eaves, taking full advantage of sheltered zones.  This means they tick all the boxes for the BASIX Energy Building Commitment part of the Sustainable Building Index.  Our stainless steel clothesline frames are made from marine-grade 316 stainless steel.  Just a quick once over every blue moon with a scourer will keep them looking good.  If you’re not convinced it will last, our frames come with a lifetime warranty.

Sydney-based customer, Bev from Maroubra, ordered her Coastal Clothesline via our website:
‘We had the confidence to buy a Coastal Clothesline on­line and mount it onto our wall.  Nothing else on the market could be customised to fit and withstand the onslaught of being this close to the beach. We’ve been through a few rusty clotheslines and we needed to trust that it wouldn’t happen again.’