Frequently Asked Questions

The “Happy Days” range are all 200mm wide at the back. The 4 line protrudes 400mm from the fixing point, 5 line protrudes 500mm and the 6 line protrudes 600mm.

The V brackets are approx 450mm between each fixing foot. The protrusion from the fixing point (wall, fence, post) is the same as the Happy Days range above.

To install Coastal Clotheslines, we give you the correct screws and bolts you need to fix your frames securely as per your order request. A set of instructions comes with your purchase covering the type of material and fixing point you need to drill into. Also, check out our installation page to get you sorted out.

1. Fix timber wall plates to the studs in the wall & fix the clothesline brackets to the timber wall plates; and
2. Fit as per installation guide and cut your wire cables to length for a perfect fit.

To install Coastal Clotheslines to corrugated iron walls, use 2 x good quality pieces of hardwood timber 90mm wide x 600mm long x 35mm thick. Fixed to the studs, these will serve as the wall mounting plates for the frames.

Yes, we can help you out with a myriad of situations. Contact us via email and we will get in touch to
 sort out your customised clothesline requirements.

Our clothesline frames are made of 316 marine-grade stainless steel. A little bit of clothesline care is needed. Just a quick once over the brackets and cables twice a year with a scourer and warm soapy water will do the trick. Moving parts and brackets will benefit from a touch of lanolin, Lanotec or similar. DO NOT place any substances on your cables/wires.

Our range is manufactured by hand and we endeavour to keep strong stock levels at all times. Depending on demand, fulfilment takes 2 to 10 working days. Please allow between 2 and 14 days for delivery. EMAIL us if you need your order sooner and we will try to meet your deadline.

A courier will deliver to your door – sorry we can’t send to PO Boxes.

What our customers say…

“My daughter was very pleasantly surprised that Dave had filled in the holes left from the clothes line he had to remove to install the new one. She was very happy about that, also loves the clothes line which will be great when the renovations are done and the family moves in.”

Diana P, Southport NSW

“Our clients were happy with their Coastal Clothesline and we are about to order another one for another project we are completing…”

Danny S, Matrix Additions, Leichardt NSW

Sydney-based customer, Bev from Maroubra, ordered her Coastal Clothesline via our website: “We had the confidence to buy a Coastal Clothesline on­line and mount it onto our wall. Nothing else on the market could be customised to fit and withstand the onslaught of being this close to the beach. We’ve been through a few rusty clotheslines and we needed to trust that it wouldn’t happen again.”

Bev, Maroubra, Sydney NSW

“My line is great and Dave’s suggestion to move it from where I was thinking of putting it to a different place was an excellent suggestion.”

Diana P, Southport NSW

“Honestly I’ve been looking for a decent clothes line for about 20 years that I don’t have to hide as they are all so ugly and deteriorate so quickly! Finally I found a clothesline that can suit any space and function and that I actually want it to be seen as a feature. We have several projects coming up and will use them again and again.”

Taliah L, Byron Beach Abodes, Byron Bay

“For the price of 2 crappy clotheslines that would be mouldy in months and decaying in a few years, I have 3 beautiful, functional clotheslines that will last.”

Janey B, Adelaide, South Australia

“We now have a total of 5 Coastal Clotheslines, they’re such a beautiful, functional and flexible product. We have 2 large ones downstairs, one in the sun and one under cover. There are 2 near the pool for towels and swimmers, plus another in the laundry. The design is perfect, they’re sleek and beautiful and look seamless with the design of our home. The service you receive from this company is fantastic, and all at a great price for a product that will last such a long time.”

Emma C, New Brighton, NSW

“I am so in love with my new clothesline .. fitted expertly to blend in with the outdoor design .. it looks great and I am happy to know I won’t be throwing lines in the bin every four years .. this one is to built to last!”

Caroline C, South Golden Beach, NSW

“5 stars- quality, style and functionality.Thanks Coastal Clotheslines.”

Shannon D, Brisbane, Queensland