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About Coastal Clotheslines, Servicing Byron Bay & Northern Rivers up to Sunshine Coast

Hello everyone!

Coastal Clotheslines is an Australian made & owned stainless steel clotheslines business. You probably guessed that from the Kookaburra hanging out on our logo!

Backgrounds in aircraft engineering & innovation coupled with a passion for people & marketing has allowed us to create Coastal Clotheslines.

Environmentally, we have a low carbon footprint. Our manufacturing system has low emissions and we use no plastics – just stainless steel.  We create minimal waste while achieving maximum solar output and our clotheslines can be installed under eaves taking full advantage of sheltered zones.

Consumers in both the residential and commercial sectors are opting for smarter usage of sheltered spaces without compromising on exterior aesthetics and finishes.

Our patented design aptly fits the bill because its stylish and durable and importantly ticks the boxes for the BASIX Energy Building Commitment part of the Sustainable Building Index.

stainless steel clotheslines byron bay

Our story

After two rusted clotheslines in 3 years, sheer frustration drove us to conceptualise a totally unique, stylish stainless steel clothesline design. Driven by innovation, the challenge was set to design several prototypes. One year later, a ‘Coastal Clothesline‘ adorns our back wall!

Not stopping there because choices were essential for different ‘hang out’ zones, the team crafted multiple systems with sleek, space-saving designs.

316 stainless steel is used throughout, guaranteeing a Coastal Clothesline will outlast its competitors.  We’re happy to offer a lifetime warranty on every frame.

Never before has the clothesline sector had a product that can meet the needs of today’s contemporary house backyards, apartment spaces, outdoor laundry areas and classic wall spaces.

Finally, there is an alternative to the cumbersome, old framed clothesline.  This is what laundry dreams are made of.  Thanks for checking out our story!