There’s no doubt that hanging your clothes on an outdoor clothesline is cheaper and convenient. With traditional clothes hanging, you save energy, money and time in drying your laundry. However before purchasing a clothesline, there are things that you should take into proper consideration.

To help you decide, here are the key factors to keep in mind before your clothesline purchase:

What Quality of Clotheslines Should I Consider?

Let’s keep the planet as the primary focus here when choosing a clothesline. Quality should be the number 1 factor before considering any other elements that a clothesline may have. A high-quality Australian made clothesline shows durability and strength, therefore eliminating landfill! So check whether the clothesline is constructed from sturdy and long lasting materials without plastics or toxic paints. This number 1 consideration will pay back in the longer term for you and the planet based on your eco clothesline purchase!

How Much Space Do I Need for My Clothesline?

It is very important to know which part of your house you should put your clothesline on. Most would go for a north facing open and spacious area that is large enough to install the product. Always keep in mind that your chosen product should also fit the available space. So if you have limited space, you can opt for a customisable cable clothesline, and if you have a larger area, you can use an umbrella-style one. Access near your laundry is key and easy access is a must.

What Type of Clothesline Should I Choose?

In connection with space, you have to pick a clothesline type best suited to your home. Opt for a stylish design if your clothesline will be installed close to your outdoor living area. Available options in the market with across different brands include outdoor clotheslines that fold down, hoists, folding rotary, retractable, ceiling airers, indoor and portable. Do you want a wall mounted clothesline, a post and fence mounted clothesline or a stand alone? However some of these are just unsightly so keep in mind that if you are going to see your clothesline from the entertaining area make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing!

How Much Are Clotheslines?

Quality Australian made clotheslines are naturally expensive, but if you find the right product at the right price, you know you’ve made a great purchase. However keep in mind that the pricing varies depending on what product you want to buy. Also, it’s good to compare prices with other brands if you choose to do online shopping. Prices can be different from other online stores or websites, so pick what fits your budget. Consider any add on’s that sites may have like posts, stands and shipping before going to the cart!

What Size of Clothesline Should I Get?

As much as you want to choose sustainable purchasing and aesthetics over anything else, size really matters. The bigger the family, the more laundry needs to be washed and hung up on your outdoor clotheslines. So, the size should be one of the top 3 key factors for buying clotheslines. If you wash your clothes on a daily basis and you have 4 to 5 members in the family, we recommend a line length of at least 3600mm or a rotary type.

How High Should a Clothesline be?

What a great question to ask about the average height of a clothesline or if it’s adjustable so you won’t struggle to reach it. The average height of a clothesline installation is 1850mm or 185cm above the ground level. If you don’t consider the height, you might regret purchasing the product as it takes a lot of effort just to hang your clothes properly. So consider your ground levels, the wall heights or the post and fence heights when you choose the best clothesline height. Lastly, your height needs to be factored on too!

Does Climate Affect Clotheslines?

For places that have a rainy season, it is best to choose a good quality clothesline for outdoor use in narrow undercover spaces like balcony clotheslines and under eave clotheslines. Look for a narrow clothesline that can dry your clothes down passage ways with breezes even if it isn’t directed to the sun. Most traditional and ideal indoor clotheslines for tropical climates are mounted in the ceiling and wall and are considered as drying racks. If the climate is salty and near the beach the best quality 316 marine grade stainless steel clothesline is the only choice.

Where Can I Get Clothesline Installation?

When you purchase a clothesline, you should know what method of installation suits you and your home. If you want it to be easily carried or moved, go for a portable clothesline. If you want the product to be permanently placed in a certain area, you can mount it in the ground or on a wall. Does the clothesline company offer clothesline installation with the purchase? Is the installation a DIY type so you can install your clothesline and save some money?

All in all, these are some of the 8 key factors to look into before buying a clothesline. If you want to purchase sustainable and Australian made outdoor clotheslines, Coastal Clotheslines offers high-quality products that you’ll love for life. Visit our website for more information.